Sea Fishing Scales

We stock high-quality sea fishing scales. We all know what they are for, the key is choosing a set of scales that work well in all conditions. Sea fishing scales need to be easy to read and accurate, as well as useable in the cold, dark and wet environment of the beach, rocks or harbour arms.

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More information on sea fishing weighing scales.

No one should leave home without a good set of scales, lets face it, we all dream of catching a personal best and although a lot of people measure their fish these days, its still nice to know the weight of a good fish.

At Brighton Angling we stock a decent range of scales from various brands such as Berkley and Savage Gear. It is important to choose a set of scales that suit your requirements but that also work well and are reliable. We know how tough the sea fishing environment is and so do the manufacturers of the scales we stock. Digital really is the only way to go with sea fishing scales but if you have a specific requirement for something analogue do drop us a line we may be able to help.

We only stock scales we would use ourselves so you can be sure all our sea fishing scales are reliable, easy to use and will last you a long time…and of course, they are accurate!

If you would like any further information, please get in touch with us over on our contact page, we would love to hear from you.