Sea Fishing Lines & Braid

We stock a vast array of sea fishing lines and braids from a number of suppliers. It seems every year a new line comes out which, of course, we order in for our customers. We stock Asso, Daiwa, Tronixpro, and Tubertini line to name just a few.
So whether it’s Fluorocarbon line, Monofilament, or a super thin braid we have it all.  We will also be able to help you make the right choice so please get in touch with us if you would like any advice or help choosing the right sea fishing lines and braid for your local spot or fishing trip.

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More information on our lines and braid for sea fishing

Sea fishing mainline is such an interesting subject because literally, everyone you speak to has a different preference. For this reason, we stock a lot of different line choices from a range of brands.
The braid are continuing to get stronger and thinner, this is especially helpful if you want to use it on your fixed spool to help get you out that little bit further.

Beach Fishing

Beach fishing is very popular in the UK and getting the right lines and braid can make a big difference. We have a wide range of sea fishing lines suitable for the many different UK beach types.

For beach fishing 15lb Big Game or Daiwa Sensor are always reliable options Tronixpro is developing some fantastic monolines and the Xenon Mono is proving to be a favourite amongst our customers.

Boat Fishing

In the boat braid has become a mainstay if you’re going out on a charter boat 10 miles of the coast the chances are you are going to be fishing in some tide, this is really when braid comes into its own, the low diameter and nonstretch nature of braid means you can fish with lighter leads and the bite indication is off the scale. We suggest using something like the 29lb J-braid this combined the Tubertini 0.40 Ski-Blue as a leader has the perfect balance so if you do snap up, it will be the leader that goes first. It also gives you some spring and just a little bit of stretch.

If you would like any further info or want to discuss the wonders of line with us, please get in touch on our contact page where we would love to hear from you.