Sea Fishing Rod Rests and Stands

Here at Brighton Angling we stock a great range of sea fishing rod stands and rests for beach fishing or for use on structures. We have something suitable for all budgets and locations. So whether you need a 6ft twin rod stand with a leg locking kit or just a simple sand spike we can help.
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Rod Rests, Stands and Supports for Sea Fishing

Getting the right rod rest or stand for the spot you are fishing in and your setup is important. If you are beach fishing then the traditional tripod is a popular choice. It allows you to step away from the rod but the rod tip is easily visible so you won’t miss a bite. However, sometimes a simple sand spike is perfect to give you somewhere to leave the rod when the bait is out. Our range of rests includes a number of choices for each type of fishing, whether you are setting up on a harbour arm, stoney beach or soft sand.

Ian Golds Sea Fishing Rests

For us the Ian Golds super match rod rest is the Rolls Royce of beach stands, anyone who has ever had one has probably never bought another one as they are so durable and sturdy, what else could you need? There are a number of Accessories you can now buy for your Goldsy rod rest, from leg locking kits to bait clips to sliding single rod head.

Popular Brands

We stock various different stands from big names like Shakespeare, Tronixpro and Parker. We believe in only stocking quality gear so even if you are on a tight budget you can rest assured everything in our range is going to perform.

If you need any advice or would like to talk to us about your requirements, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.