Mackerel Feathers and Lures

There is no better thing in the summer than a spot of Mackerel fishing, but don’t be fooled, a set of feathers is much more versatile than that.
Simply adding some bait to your mackerel feathers and leaving them out there can give you the opportunity to catch a vast array of different fish species.
We stock a wide range of feathers and mackerel lures from many of the leading brands like Sabiki and more.
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Lures and Feathers for Mackerel fishing and more.

We always get asked which Mackerel feathers are the best to use. They are called feathers because traditionally they were made using coloured feathers. Normally on a string of 4 – 6 hooks, every sea fishing kit should contain Mackerel feathers.
The most popular ones are the tinsel or silver feathers, they are designed to catch and reflect the sun the best, but if the weather conditions are cloudy the daylight feathers might be a better option.

More Than Just Mackerel – Sabiki feathers

Throughout the year there are many other species of fish that get caught on feathers, for instance, smaller baitfish, like herring or smelt.  The Sabiki is a set of smaller feathers designed to catch these other fish. These can be baited as well and used to catch pout whiting or other small fish.

We love the shrimp rigs, the little rubber-looking fish seem to act as a great attractant.

How and When to Use Feathers

If you are fishing from a boat, simply let the feather go down until you can’t see them, that is the zone to be in. From there, start to work the feathers up and down and start searching for where the fish are, once you have found them, head straight to that spot and start again.

Off the shore, a lovely flat calm day at high water can really produce great results. It’s not uncommon to catch bass on feathers as well in these conditions.
Don’t forget, if you get bored or tired, simply bait the feathers to see what else there is out there to catch.

Our Feather Range

We stock a wide range of feathers and more than you may find on this page. Do drop us a line if you have anything specific you need. We stock Shakespear, Yamashita, Sasame and Axia in a range of different size and colour options.

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