Sea Fishing Drop Nets

We can honestly say 99% of people that buy a drop not are buying one because they lost a big fish from a pier or structure. Most people don’t go out thinking they will get anything big so don’t have a drop net…and then they get a big one and they lose it.
Buy a net…just in case!
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Sea Angling Drop Nets

If you are fishing from a height, like a pier, an arm, some rocks, or a structure, you may end up in the situation where you have a fish of a lifetime and no way to get it in. Over the last few years we have seen a massive increase in the number of Conger Eels and Undulate Rays being caught so it’s even more important you take a drop net, not just to get the fish in but also for the well being of the fish, we have to protect these fish and we are pleased to say many people prefer to let them go these days.

The One That…well you know!

Generally, when people come to our bricks-and-mortar store to buy a drop net we normally offer them a cup of tea and ask them to tell us about the one that got away because nets are almost always bought after a bad experience. We tend to advise anyone fishing of any kind of structure or elevated position to buy a net just in case.

Tronixpro Drop Nets

Tronixpro have developed the folding drop net and it’s fantastic.
It’s made from lightweight aluminium and a fast-drying mesh net.
When we show our customers the options they always go for the folding one. We do stock other brands but we certainly favour these.
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