Sea Fishing Rod and Reel Combos & Kits

If you are visiting the coast for the weekend or want to try fishing without spending a lot of your hard-earned money a combo can be a really good idea. If you just want to get out fishing, we can help kit you out with one of our sea fishing rod and reel combos.
We stock a wide range from various different brands, depending on the location you are fishing and the type of fishing you are looking to try.
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All In One Sea Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

One of our biggest selling items in the shop is our sea fishing kits and combos, we sell loads of them and we always try and work with our customers to find out what would be the most suitable combo for the type of fishing they are doing.
The word combo is short for a rod and reel combination, most of them already come loaded with line. We try and put shock leaders and a clip on them so they are ready to use when you get down the beach. Simply add one of the Tronixpro flapper rigs or a set of mackerel feathers and a suitable lead weight and you can be fishing in seconds of arriving at your fishing destination.

Perfect for Starting Out

Our sea combos are perfect for anyone wanting to try sea angling or for those visiting an area who don’t have space to pack a full rig. We often have customers ordering a combo to be sent to a holiday destination ready for them. These sea fishing combos also make great presents for any budding sea angler of any age. If you are not quite sure which one to choose please get in touch, we stock lots more than you may see online.

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