Sea Fishing Tackle and Equipment

Here at Brighton Angling we can help you with everything you need to get out and enjoy sea fishing, we stock a vast rage of sea angling equipment from all the major brands as well as a regular stock of fresh and frozen bait.
Even if you want some tips and tricks as we would love to help you with getting the right tackle as well as improving your fishing.

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Sea Fishing Tackle & Accessories

The staff at Brighton Angling are mad keen anglers and we have a vast amount of knowledge across all different aspects of sea angling. Having travelled around the country’s coasts fishing we can help you make the right choice for the sea fishing equipment and bait you need, even if it’s just some tips and tricks for certain areas.
We know that if we can get you to catch more you will come back to us and there is no better feeling than hearing from customers that have had successful sea fishing trips after receiving our advice and buying tackle from us.

Shore Fishing

For fishing from the beach it’s all about casting! You need to choose tackle that will not only allow you to get the distance and position you need but also make it easier to do so. It is also essential to have the right rod for beach casting and we can help with that. Once you have cast you will need a rod rest or two! Shore or beach fishing is all about getting the right rig and one that can take a bit of a pounding, heavy duty is the way to go.

We have everything you need for beach/shore fishing from terminal tackle and all the leads, lures etc. But we also stock beach fishing rods, rests, shelters, reels, and more.

Pier Fishing

This kind of fishing means you are casting straight into deeper water. Casting is shorter with pier fishing so you can use a shorter rod which is also handy when space is tight. We stock all the tackle you will need for this kind of fishing including heavy-duty tackle for the larger species you find lurking under piers!

Our Range

We stock everything you need for a quick local session or a longer, planned trip. Whether it’s beads lures or bait we have got you covered. We stock a range of rods, reels and line and so much more. Whether it’s seat boxes, shelters, clothing, squid jigs; you name it we have got it so start looking around and get yourself ready for your next session.

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