Dropshotting/lrf is the new craze when it comes to lure fishing in the UK. It allows anglers to catch often very small fish on a perfectly balanced setup to get the most sport out of the catch. Although it is largely believed that you will only catch small fish when dropshotting/lrf there have been plenty of examples of when fishing light you can catch some very impressive fish. It is a fantastic way to fish and is a great option when conditons don’t allow you to be out targeting bass and having the option to retreat to a port or harbour and catch some mini species has appeared a very attractive prospect to many anglers.

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Drop Shot for Lure Fishing and LRF

We have a wide range of drop shot to choose from. We have drop shot, column weights jigs, and more. If you are now to this kind of fishing then get in touch and we would be very happy to help you choose the right tackle.