Our lure clothing range allows for the modern lure angler to get out in all conditions and makes sure they will stay warm and dry, whether you’re after a full thermal suit to keep you warm on those cold early season sessions or a decent pair of boots that will allow you to scramble across all terrains to get to the required make we have it here at Brighton Angling.

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The Right Clothing for Lure Fishing

There has been a change in attitude about lure fishing in the UK going from a very summer based style of fishing towards people realising you can catch on artificials all year round with the right kit and techniques.  This has lead to an increase in demand for winter lure fishing gear as people prepare to target the beautiful bars of silver that are our bass even in deepest darkest winter; with the potential of a winter giant a huge draw for many anglers. We have some super high quality clothing for lure fishing to keep you dry and warm in the toughest beach conditions, from thermo suits to jackets and bib trousers.

Lure Fishing Boots

As well as having adequate clothing it is hugely important to have appropriate footwear. A decent pair of boots will allow you to fish comfortably for an entire day and offer you the support to get to those previously unexplored marks that could hold the fish of a lifetime. Our ever popular stock of Vass boots offers protection from the elements, comfort and they look pretty good too.