Whether you need a small and cost-effective way to store and carry your lures and spinners or you need something a little bigger as your lure collection grows we have it. Make sure your lures are stowed away safely and are easy to carry to your favourite spot with some great lure boxes.

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Keeping Your Lures

Lure fishing is getting more and more popular, we think this is in no small part, down to how convenient and fun it is. You can just head to your favourite spot for an hour or two and have a great time without the need to source fresh bait. However, the key to being flexible is being able to get your lure tackle down there easily. This is where a good lure box comes in handy. If you are new to lure fishing then a small lure box will be perfect. If you have the lure bug then you may need a two-tier box for your ever-increasing number of lures. The key to a good lure box is getting something that’s light, tough and easy to carry! We are confident our selection of boxes is spot-on for new as well as experienced lure enthusiasts.