At Brighton angling we have a passion for lure fishing which is really shown through our wide range of lure related products, whether you’re giving the incredibly fun LTF a go for the micro species or the popular lure fishing for bass we have everything that you could need to go out and catch on artificial lures We have multiple lure fishing experts working in the shop who will always be more than happy to give you some advice about local marks and how to fish them or to just have a chat about lure fishing.

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Lure fishing really can become an addiction, and a brilliant one at that. Whats better than spending a warm summers morning waist deep in beautiful, clear water chucking lures for completely wild fish that most likely have never been caught before, the pure excitement that hits you when that 4lb bass engulfs your topwater I believe to be second to none. Part of the fun of lure fishing for me is trying out new and different lures to see how the fish will react to them and here at Brighton angling we have a wide variety that includes all the main brands that often you will struggle to find in other shops. All of our lures come armed with razor shape hooks ready to be put to great effect by their new owner. One thing that attracts all of us in the shop is the flexibility of lure fishing, you have a couple of hours free of an evening great! grab your lure rod and a few lures and head out to the shore. I personally don’t usually fish for more than 3 hours when it comes to lure fishing and most of my sessions over summer are less than 2 hours and fitted around working in the shop and I’ve had great success.