Whether you are just looking to be warm enough to fish a month or two longer or you are planning on fishing right through winter we have suits, boots, jackets, and gloves to make sure you are warm and dry. Getting the right winter fishing clothing is key to enjoying your sessions because it means you can concentrate on fishing rather than how cold or wet you are getting. For us, the right kit is everything and we have a tonne of winter fishing gear for you!

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Winter Fishing in the UK

Let’s face it, while we may not get the coldest winters in the world we get a lot of miserable wet weather. Even if we don’t spend weeks below freezing it still gets pretty cold and whether you’re on the bank, the beach, or the pier being cold is not a good way to enjoy a session. When the cold or the wet starts to creep in it can really ruin your enjoyment, no matter how well the fish are biting.

However, there are advantages to winter fishing in the UK. For one there are normally fewer people around and that can often mean less competition. If you are beach fishing you generally have the pick of the spots with no swimmers and people getting in the way. While some of the pitches at lakes might be busy generally you can count on a few less people braving the cold. Also depending on where you fish the winter can bring different species especially if you are in the North with things like Atlantic Wolf Fish being a rare but exciting one! But none of this matters if you are too cold or wet to enjoy yourself so winter fishing gear is essential, from boots and gloves to waterproof jackets and suits make sure you have the right kit.

Waterproof Fishing Gear and Hydrostatic Head

We all know there are things that say they are waterproof and things that actually are. Winter fishing is going to be wet and it is really important to get something that is truly waterproof. The measurement of how waterproof materials are is called the hydrostatic head of HH. This is essentially a measurement of how much pressure it takes to force water through a given material over a given time. The measurement is given in millimeters. For example, our Imax ARX-20 Ice Thermo Suit has a rating of 8000mm. This means the material can stand a column of 8000mm of water pushing down on a small area without letting any through. That’s quite a lot of water!

Warmth and Comfort

Winter fishing gear isn’t just about water resistance. It is about warmth and comfort. It’s all well and good to be dry but if you are cold it isn’t much help. When looking at winter coats, boots, and suits it’s important to consider all aspects. A good example of a jacket with it all is the Vass 350 Winter Jacket. It is waterproof “up to 50,000mm!) but also fully lined as well as being supple and still allowing movement. So it is ideal for extreme conditions where it will keep you warm and dry, ideal for long boat trips, and often described as a modern sport oil.

There are other factors to consider too, breathability is important too, keeping dry can go the wrong way, and without a fabric that breaths moisture can build it inside. The Vass 175 Winter Smock is a great breathable option.

The ley to winter fishing clothing is to have a range of items for different types of fishing and weather. Sometimes a simple smock and some boots are fine, other times its going to be a full suit kind of a session!


Winter Fishing Suits

Full winter fishing suits are ideal for those long wet and cold sessions. The key to a good suit is that it’s warm and dry and it allows you to move. You ideally want to be happy wearing it all day without really noticing. A key feature of a suit is the removal of the jacket section. This allows you to cool down or go inside without having to peel off the entire suit. We stock the Imax Arx-20 Ice Thero Suit which is a great example of a suit that does it all. It is fully waterproof to 8000mm but also fully lined with microfleece and is comfy down to -20 degrees. This means it is more than capable of dealing with a British winter and could also be used in colder climes too.

Winter Boots

Boots are a key bit of winter fishing kit. Cold and wet feet is never good and getting the right boot is really important. Whether you are sea fishing or on the bank the winter means water underfoot. Obviously, if you are on the beach you may well get waves coming over your feet so are more likely to get wet than carp fishing. However, wet grass and mud can cause just as much discomfort. For winter fishing you need a solid pair of waterproof boots that are warm and comfy. Slippery rocks, muddy banks, and wooden decking can all be pretty sketchy in the winter so getting a good level of grip is also critical. We stock a range of boots from the Skee-tex moon boots and the field boot to the always popular Vass Fleece Lined Boot.

Winter Gloves

Let’s face it, you need your hands a lot when you are fishing. Even if you do a lot of prep freezing numb hands make things pretty tricky. Winter fishing gloves are an essential bit of kit. You may still have to take them off to do something but having warm enough hands to be able to do that is really important.

Winter Hats

Keeping your head warm and dry is quite an obvious one for any winter activity. We lose a great deal of heat through our heads and the less hair we have the more heat we lose. It may not feel like it but you can get cold pretty quickly if your head isn’t covered by anything. Of course, a good hood is ideal to keep the wind and rain off but having an extra layer like a beanie underneath is a great way to maintain an insulating layer. We always grab a hat when we are winter fishing regardless of the type of fishing or the location.

Winter fishing in the UK is great, it has a lot going for it. But we know that even if it didn’t we would all still go because we just can’t keep away. So make sure you are well kitted up so you can enjoy your fishing all year round. If you want to talk to our team about any of our products please get in touch, most of us have used them all over the years and can advise personally on how they all perform.