Carp Fishing Nets, Handles, and More

Carp fishing nets are the most important bit of kit after your rig and bait. After all, what’s the point of hooking that monster if you can land it safely. It is important to get the right size for the fish you are after and the type of carp fishing you are doing. Making sure you have the right poles and handles is also critical. Here at Brighton Angling we stock a wide range of nets and handles, at a wide range of budgets, so if you need any help or advice, please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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Carp Nets and Handles

Carp fishing nets and handles are essential bits of kit when fishing, but there are so many out there, where do you start?
First of all, if you are planning a session, check with the fishery as to what their requirements are. Many waters that contain big Carp and Catfish require a 50in net.
If your planning on roving around and “dropshotting”, then lugging a 50in net around with you isn’t going to be ideal.

Landing Nets

Landing nets for carp fishing are generally triangular. They have a wide opening with a deep mesh net. Most have a long handle for obvious reasons. We sell nets as complete sets that are ready to use or separate handles and nets. You may just need to replace a net and keep using your trust handle or the other way around. The key to any carp net is that it’s strong and won’t break. But they also have to be forgiving for the fish to avoid any kind of injury when landing. We make sure all our nets provide the level of care we all expect for the fish we love to catch.

Carp Net Considerations

There are a lot of factors and aspects to carp nets.

Net head and arms – the head is the main part of the net and the arms refer to the frame that holds the net open. Generally in the UK 42 inches is plenty for anything you will catch in this country.

Net depth is how deep the mesh goes. Generally, it’s best to keep a fish as deep as possible. The snag is, deep nets can get…well snagged. There are various ways manufacturers get around this including hooks and magnets.

Net Mesh – the mesh used in the net needs to be fish-friendly. Non-abrasive and soft mesh is best.

Net Handles

Getting the right handle is important. They need to take the full weight of the fish in the net to safely land it. Pairing up with the length of your rod is a good move and generally, half the length is a good match. We stock a range of high-quality handles but get in touch if you are not sure.

Carp nets and handles are really important for the fish and for you to land the monster carp you are after. We stock a wide range of options and we are on hand to help and advise if you need us.