Carp Fishing Luggage

Let’s face it, I think we have all been guilty of taking too much equipment with us at some stage of our fishing antics, thankfully there are a ton of carp fishing luggage options out there to help you get your stuff to the bank in an orderly and efficient manor.

We stock a wide range of carp luggage from all the major brands, such as Korda, Nash & Sonik.
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Carp Luggage

There are so many bags, rucksacks, rod holdalls, and carryalls on the market that choosing the right one can be difficult. Getting the right carp luggage for you is important. Different people have to walk different distances to a pitch, some people have more space in their cars or can go back to a car easily. There are a lot of variations in between your local spot and somewhere you might want to travel to so making sure you have a good range of bags is a good move.

Types of Carp Luggage

We stock a wide range of different types of bag and carry kit for carp fishing.

Backpacks and Rucksacks are a classic choice. They are perfect for general kit or personal stuff like clothes and sleeping gear. Obviously they fit comfortably on the back and are great for longer walks. We have small and larger backpacks from some great makes like Nash.

Holdalls or Carryalls are a bigger option. With a single strap over the shoulder they can take a whole load of gear. Some of our Korda holdalls are a great example and have lots of compartments for gear.

Coolbags are brilliant for your lunch as well as keeping frozen bait cool…and maybe even a beer or two. Our ESP cool bags are always a popular choice.

We also stock security stash packs, These handy little packs are great for keeping valuables in and stashing them away somewhere passers by can’t see or even someone more intent on having a good rumage while you are away from your pitch.

Carp rod skins and rad carry cases are ideal for transporting your carp rods to the bank. They have over the shoulder straps and amke sure everything is well protected. Skins or sleeves are a simpler option and provide great basic protection. Carry cases and rod holdalls allow you to combine more than one fully made up rods. This means you can get started sooner but also that you can take your time prepping your rigs at home beforehand.

Carp Fishing Luggage Considerations

There are a lot of factors to consider when looking at luggage. How far you need to walk is one. For people who fish the same spots a lot they will know this. However, if you travel to new places quite often then you may want to have bags that are ready for longer walks. Consider backpacks and holdalls with shoulder straps as they are much better for carrying.

Most carp bags are waterproof to some extent for obvious reasons. But if you plan on being in the rain a lot it is worth looking into just how waterproof they are. Some may need to be kept in the bivvy.

Price is always an important consideration. We stock bags to suit most budgets and we have some great value options.

Please get in touch with our expert team if you have any questions at all about stock, bag choice or what any of our products are like to use.