Carp Fishing Line and Braids

Finding the right carp fishing line is essential, everyone has a different preference for the particular job they need it to do. It tends to be one of those things that when you find a line or braid you are happy with, you tend to stick with it. We have a wide range to choose from to make sure you get your old favourite or find the one you are about to stick with for years to come.

The three main types of line are Monofilament, Fluorocarbon and Braid and we stock a wide range from all the main brands such as Korda, Berkley, Daiwa and Drennan to name a few.

If you would like any advice on which line to use, please get in touch as we would love to hear from you.

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Getting the right carp fishing line really does make all the difference. While it woo’t help you with every aspect of carp fishing it is key to improving your overall success. It is just one of those factors that you can’t overlook. We are here to help though so give us a call, we love to help!

Carp Fishing Line Types – Explained

Monofilament – The classic line most beginners and everyday anglers use. It is great value and because it can stretch it’s resistant to lunges and bumps. It is also pretty tough generally so does break when rubbed against trees or platforms. It can be easily dyed too.

Fluorocarbon – This is denser than monofilament. It also has the handy characteristic of becoming essentially invisible in water. Because of how it is made it refracts light in water…just like water. This is perfect for those easily spooked fish or when fishing in really clear water. It is super sensitive and a popular choice for anyone using bottom bait as it sinks well.

Braided Line – Also known just as braid. This composite line is made up of multiple fibres. It is super strong but does sink quickly and is much more visable. Braids are popular with people targeting some big fighting fish or using a lot of bottom bait.

When it comes to the strength of the lines things get a little more complitcated. Diameter to strength ratio is an importat factor.

Monofilament line has a high diameter to strength ratio. This means it isn’t a super strong line at low diameter. Not an ideal choice for people going for big carp. As you go for higher breaking strain it becomes very thick. However, it’s still a great choice if you are on a budget and need to fill some spools. It floats so also good for surface bait.

Because fluorocarbon line is invisible under water the diameter isn’t such an issue. So while it does get a lot thicker as it gets stronger it won’t spook fish.

Carp Fishing Line Strength

Essentially this is measured as breaking strain; the amount of weight a line can take before it snaps. The weight, as always, is measured in pounds. Common strengths for carp fishing line are 20lb, 30lb and up to 50lb or beyond! If you are looking to target bigger fish then you need to have stronger line and braid options. If you are unsure then please give us a call and our experts can chat through the options.

Carp Line Colours

Mono line can be dyed really easily so you can buy it in a wide range of colours. Some people opt for bright fluoro colours so they can easily see the line. Others will choose colours to match and blend in with the water where they fish. Dark muted browns and greens can work very well at “hiding” the line from fish. We stock a big range of colour options.

Carp fishing is a lot about trial and error and experience. We have tried it all and have years of experience so please get in touch if you want help with any thing to do with carp fishing line and braids.