Carp Bite Indicators, Bobbins, and Accessories

Carp bite indicators are a critical bit of kit for carp fishing, they are certainly something we would recommend everyone have in their tackle box. There are so many options these days when choosing the right indicators and bobbins for your carp fishing. We stock a wide range for a variety of budgets so you can find the right option for you.

We also stock a wide range of batteries as every alarm seems to be slightly different and its always handy to order them when you order you new alarm.


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Carp Bite Indicators

Bite indicators offer a great deal of additional info to the angler. Depending on if it moves up or down it can show you which way the fish is going. This means you know when you pick up your rod. If the indicator goes down then the fish is coming towards the bank, if it goes up then your fish is making a run away from you.

We have a range of these essential carp bite indicators to choose from. There are different options to choose from and it often comes down to personal taste and how you want your rig. Our highly experienced team is always happy to chat about bit indicators and alarms to help you find the right one for your setup.

Carp Bite Alarms

Bite alarms can be your best friend on the bank. You may not always be paying attention to your line, even the best need to take a break now and then. A carp bite alarm will alert you to movement and vibration on your line; letting you know when a fish has taken an interest in your bait! We have full alarm kits as well as accessories. There are a lot of choices around bite alarms. We have wireless receiver options so you can have it in your pocket. These can be handy to set to vibrate to keep noise to a minimum. We also stock the more traditional bite alarms. Most people have more than one rig in the water so you may want to buy enough alarms for each one.

Carp Bobbins

These handy little things indicate when a carp is on the end of your line. Some move up and down and others light up giving you a clear indication of what’s going on under the water. We stock a range of carp bobbins to choose from but as always, give us a call if you are not sure.