PVA Mesh and Bags for Carp Fishing

Poly Vinyl Alcohol or PVA is a water-soluble solution that can be made in to solid bags, mesh, string or tape. We have a range of PVA mesh and bags perfect for carp fishing. We stock ESP and Fox PVA products including refils and more.

If you would like any more info on the PVA products we sell, please get in touch we would love to hear from you.

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PVA in Carp Fishing

If you look at how carp anglers fish, everything is about presenting the hook bait accurately and precisely over a bed of ground bait. Fishing a PVA bag or Stick is an incredible way to present, let’s say, a boilie over a small bed of ground bait accurately. PVA is a brilliant addition to carp fishing but if you are new to it or want to know more then please get in touch with our team. There are also tonnes of great videos on YouTube showing different techniques and how to use many of the products we sell.

Solid PVA Bags for Carp

Bags are a great way to present bait. You can even throw a bag in when you see a fish and you might get lucky. Some people also recommend them for winter carp fishing when the fish aren’t eating much. We stock various types of PVA bags from all the big names.

PVA Mesh

PVA mesh is perfect for packaging up small parcels of bait. You can use it to make different shapes for different purposes. Small mesh parcels are great for longer casting.

We also stock PVA strings and tape.