Carp Cradles, Mats and Fish Care

Whenever we go fishing, fish care is always a top priority. There is nothing worse than seeing missing scales or sores on carp that we have spent so much preparation and effort catching. Things like carp cradles and carp mats can make all the difference.

We stock a wide range of unhooking mats, slings, cradles and weigh slings as well as medical kits. All of these are essential when carp fishing, we stock gear from all the major brands, like Korda, Nash, Sonik, NGT

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Carp Cradles

Carp cradles are the new and ultimate way of safley unhooking a fish. No more wet towels like the old days. These padded, rasied cradles make it far more comfortable for the fish and avoid any kind of injury. We have a great padded floor cradle as well as raised frame options too.

Carp Mats

If a cradle is not your thing, or its a little too bulky for you then unhooking mats for capr fishing are the way forward. Once again, these padded mats are designed to prevent any harm coming to the fish. They allow you to safley unhook that mondster carp keeping it healthy and able to go on and breed and maybe get even bigger.


Obviously you want to weigh the fish and doing it in a way that keeps that fish healthy is paramount. We have a range of weighing slings to chose from including floating slings. We also have general purpose carp slings and a handy nash retainer sling.

First Aid Kits for Carp

You may sometimes notice a fish has an injury. Everyone fishing that spot will want the carp to be healthy and strong so having a handy first aid kit around is always a good idea. We have some great Korda products including Propolis and an Ulcer Swab treatment.