You may have noticed that we love fishing and we also love making getting into fishing as easy as possible. A carp rod and reel combo is the perfect way to get into carp fishing or to just give a new set up a try.

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Carefully Chosen Carp Combos

We don’t just stick these rod and reel combos together with whatever stock we happen to have lying around. No, we take a huge amount of time planning the very best combinations. Essentially one of our carp rod and reel combos is a killer rig put together by our expert team with some of the best tackle available. As well as being great sets up they are also great value. We know not everyone can or wants to spend serious money just to be able to get some bank time so these rod and reel combination packs are carefully created to avoid breaking the bank (no pun intended).

More Than a Rod and Reel

As well as a carp rod and reel we also make sure our packs have everything else you need to go carp fishing. Whether you are on holiday and need a simple rig to pack, you are a first timer looking to get into it or you just want to try one of our combos to see what the fuss is about…get shopping!