Carp Chairs

Carp fishing is often all about the long game, it’s about spending hours, a full day or night at a pitch waiting for that one elusive fish that will break your record. Being comfortable is critical! So we stock a wide range of the very best carp chairs and bed-chairs to make sure your carp sessions are as comfortable as possible.

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Carp Fishing Chair Range

Of course, you can opt to sit on the bank for a short session and that can be nice but carp chairs really do make a huge difference. not only are they more comfortable but by being more comfy you are more patient and can fish for longer. We stock chairs from brands like Daiwa, Avid, JRC, Nash, and Shakespeare.

The Right Carp Chair for You

There are certainly different types of carp chairs depending on your style of fishing. If you like to be super mobile then a simple folding stool with or without a backrest is perfect. These are low cost, high quality, and easy to transport.

You may, however, be looking for something that is really all about comfort and we have plenty to choose from. The Nash Big Daddy is certainly a great choice for longer sessions as is the popular Wychwood Tactical X Low Arm-chair. We also have bedchairs for night fishing along with bivvies and shelters too.

The best carp chair is the one that you find the most suited to your fishing and the one you find most comfortable. You may need more back support  or want something that isn’t too low to get up from. If you need any help choosing please get in touch, we are always happy to chat about carp chairs and anything else carp related!