Here at Brighton Angling we stock a wide range of bait from a whole host of different bait suppliers, Mainline, Sticky, Urban, Dynamite and Nash to name a few.
As with everything in Carp Fishing trends change and we are always trying to keep up to date with the latest baits whilst continuing to stock the classics.

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As we all know, Mainline Cell has been the go to bait for a number of years, it’s almost the safe option and it’s something you have to have in you bag, for emergencies. Let’s face it, it’s probably the bait thats been used of just about every water.
Over the last couple of years, Sticky baits has really come in to its own, Krill and Manilla complement each other very well, with the option of a fish bait and a sweet bait. They do a great range of wafters and pop ups to go with the baits as well. all of which catch fish in their own right.
Urban Baits Nutcracker is another great bait, particularly locally, it seems to work all year round.
Nash are now smashing the bait as well, with Scopex Squid and Citruz really proving popular amongst our customers.
A personal favourite of ours is the Nash Instant Action Pineapple boilies, we have been recommending this to a lot of our customer particularly in the summer.
We are also big fans of CC Moore Live System, its a bait that if you haven’t tried it and you are looking for something new, give it a go.

We would love to hear what baits you use and have had success on, so please get in touch, we would love to hear from you