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Carp Fishing has exploded over the last few years. The likes of Korda, Nash, and ESO are leading the way by continually pushing the boundaries and bringing new products to the stores. We stock a wide range of Carp Tackle to suit your needs and budget. If you need any help with what carp fishing tackle you may need then get in touch.

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Our Carp Tackle Range

Dont be fooled by the fact that Brighton is by the sea, we have 100s of local customers (and 1000s online) that have completely fallen in love with carp fishing and come to us to get all the tackle they need including everything from rods and nets to stands, bite alarms, terminal tackle, bait and more.

Why Carp Fishing?

There is just something about carp fishing people get hooked on. It may be the sheer size of the fish and the epic battles that can be had. But they are also beautiful fish and have such a graceful movement. Some people fall in love with lake life and the beautiful locations you can fish for carp. Let’s not forget the challenge and never-ending battle with the big fish of the lake to hook them. Whatever it is…we understand why you love it and we have everything you need to push your carp fishing further.

We remember those underwater films from Korda which really lit a fuse with people and initiated the progression in rigs and tactics for making sure those big old carp don’t drop your rigs and avoid your baits.

Cutting Edge and Budget Tackle

At Brighton Angling we work incredibly hard to make sure we have the latest up-to-date tackle items for you in a range of budgets. Of course, there is always something new in terms of baits and tackle but we also stock all the old favourites. Spending more isn’t always a fast track to catching more fish so we make sure we stock all the classic carp tackle and budget options so everyone can get in on the action.
If there is anything you need or you simply want to talk Carp, get in touch, we could love to hear from you.