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Here at Brighton Angling we have all the expertise you could ever want when it comes to boat fishing around the UK.
We stock a wide range of boat fishing equipment from all the major brands.
if you would like any more information we would love to hear from you, we know we can help you catch more fish.

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More information on boat fishing around the UK

We are so lucky in the UK to have some absolutely fantastic boat fishing. If you are a species angler you could for instance there are well over 50 species to target. For those of you that like to catch something a bit bigger to pull your string, the wrecks fishing can really produce amazing results.
Over the last few years we have seen more Bass, Congers and Undulate rays to name a few, there also seems to be a number of different species of shark, most noticeably Porbeagle and Thresher sharks.
The great thing about boat fishing is that the best approach to catch fish is to keep things as simple as possible, what we need to know is, where are you boat fishing. We can then advice you on what you are likely to catch and what equipment you will need to catch it.
We stock a wide range of boat fishing equipment from a wide range or brands, such as Tronixpro, Tubertini, Shimano and many more.

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